A different approach to treating substance abuse

Harmony Ridge Recovery Center takes a different approach to treating substance abuse. First and foremost, we treat each patient with care and compassion. Essentially, when you choose Harmony Ridge Recovery Center for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, you become part of the Harmony Family. We pride ourselves in having “old fashioned” values, which seems to become more and more rare. We follow the Golden Rule of treating others the way you wish to be treated. Each team member of the Harmony Family is treated with the same level of dignity and respect; regardless of position. For us, treating and conquering addiction is personal. Each and every member of the Harmony Family has been touched by addiction in some way – we may have personally achieved recovery, or we have a friend or loved one who has been affected by the disease.

When a new patient walks through our doors, it’s our priority to make that patient feel comfortable as comfortable as possible. Often patients are nervous and unsure about the rehabilitation process and it’s our responsibility to explain the process clearly to ease any feelings of apprehension. After all, Harmony Ridge Recovery Center will be your solace while you receive industry-leading custom treatment plans that will help you along your road to recovery. After completing your treatment at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, rest easy knowing that you will always be part of the Harmony Family. Our alumni team will remain in contact with you to see how you are transitioning after your stay with us and to offer support. We want to be there to be a support system during all the low times, but also celebrate with you during all the great times. When our patients succeed, we succeed. Our goal is for every patient to enjoy a life free from the shackles of drug or alcohol addiction. Call today! (888) 771-8372