Pat Crilley

Executive Director

Originally from Robbinsville, New Jersey, Pat decided to make some major changes in his life and seek treatment for addiction in Florida. After successfully completing treatment, he decided to officially call Florida home. In 2011, he began working in the treatment industry serving as a Marketing Specialist for a well-known South Florida treatment center. Mr. Crilley has progressively expanded his roles and responsibilities to help as many people as possible who are suffering from the disease of addiction and earned a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Health Care Administration/Management from Indian River State College.

Mr. Crilley’s impeccable reputation, coupled with his years of experience building an evidence-based medical and clinical program, has inspired him to focus his efforts at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center in Walker, West Virginia. “Drug and alcohol abuse is a nationwide epidemic that is destroying families. I believe that Harmony Ridge Recovery Center provides a vital and necessary service to the community and I am honored to be selected as its Executive Director.”, stated Crilley. Mr. Crilley’s extensive experience in the “Recovery Capital of the World” (South Florida) has already helped save many lives from the ravishing disease of addiction. He now has an opportunity to continue his mission of helping others on an even larger scale.