Learning that someone you love is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction is awful. It’s difficult to know what to do or say when you see a loved one spiraling out of control. It can also be very frustrating to see someone you love continuously hurt himself/herself. You know your loved one needs help, but are unsure if rehab is best for your loved one. The kind and compassionate team at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center can completely relate to your situation. We take the disease of addiction personally, as many of our staff are in recovery themselves, or have friends or family members who have been touched by addiction. We understand how painful it is to see your loved one suffer from the disease of addiction, but it’s important to remember there is hope.

Addiction is a chronic disease. Just like heart disease, diabetes or cancer, addiction cannot be cured, but it can be treated. At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we combine evidence-based practices with traditionally proven addiction treatment methods. As a Nationally recognized substance abuse treatment center, Harmony Ridge Recovery Center believes that in order to fully recover from the disease of addiction, the patient must focus on his/her entire mind, body and spirit. Our beautiful and serene treatment center provides the perfect setting for your loved one to focus 100% on themselves and their rehab.

The first and highest level of care your loved one will receive is known as detox. Detoxification is the process of removing all drugs, alcohol and other toxins from the body. Should your loved one experience any temporary discomfort from withdrawal symptoms, you can rest assure that a kind and compassionate team member will be by your loved one’s side. The next level of care following detox is residential treatment. Also known as inpatient treatment, residential treatment provides a highly structured client-specific treatment plan that provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). CBT includes private, couple and group/family therapy sessions, counseling, coping tools and relapse prevention under the supervision of our licensed medical professionals. After completing rehab, your loved one will continue to our next level of care, known as Partial Hospitalization Plan (PHP). CBT continues during PHP; however, patients reside in a home-like atmosphere. This provides a healthy transition from 24-hour intensive treatment program to an organized treatment plan where patients prepare themselves for the transition home.

The idea of seeing a loved one enter an inpatient facility for drug or alcohol addiction can be scary, however, this is the best solution to combat your loved one’s addiction. Remember, addiction is a medical disease, and should be treated by medical professionals. Just like you’d want a loved one diagnosed with cancer to seek treatment from an oncologist, you want your loved one to receive treatment from experienced addiction professionals. Research shows that individuals who enter and remain in treatment can manage their addiction and quality of life. Are you ready to see your loved one break free from addiction and live a fulfilling life of sobriety? Give us a call today! 888-771-8372