drug rehab for couples

Choosing the right substance abuse treatment facility for an individual can be daunting, but with very limited options for couples struggling with addiction, what can you do? 

It’s not unusual for both members in a relationship to suffer from the disease of addiction. Unfortunately, when both people are addicted to drugs or alcohol, it can be difficult for the couple to achieve and maintain sobriety. 

The fact is, the couple needs to be ready to seek and receive medical assistance to combat their drug and alcohol addiction. Thus, it’s vital that both parties within a couple seek drug and alcohol abuse treatment.

What Are the Drug Rehab for Couples Options?

Although choices for couples’ drug and alcohol treatment are limited, there are still some options to consider. 

Option 1 – Attend Different Rehab Facilities At the Same Time

The first option is to attend different facilities at the same time. To do this, a couple has to be willing to be apart from one another for anywhere from a couple of weeks to several months, or even a year. 

Being apart as a couple in rehab will require willpower and strength. It will also require you having constant access to technology so that you can call, text, email, and FaceTime one another on a regular basis. While attending different addiction treatment facilities as a couple in rehab can work, it comes with many downsides.

One downside of going to different rehabs as a couple at the same time is that you will not have the opportunity to connect physically for a long time. If you are a couple that is usually attached at the hip, not being able to see and touch one another for a long period of time will be difficult. 

drug rehab for couples

Going a long period of time without physical intimacy will also be hard on couples who use that time to bond or relieve stress. Married couples who are intertwined in every aspect of each other’s life will particularly have a hard time not seeing and touching one another for such an extensive period. 

Another downside of a couple going to rehab at different treatment facilities is not having the ability to grow as a couple while growing as individuals in addiction recovery. If all a couple knows about one another is how they are when they are drinking or taking drugs, it could be hard for them to connect once they both come home from rehab as sober individuals. As a result, a couple attending rehab at separate facilities has a high chance of growing apart. 

Growing together in a relationship is hard enough when you are both sober and spending every day with one another. Why make it harder by attending different rehab treatment facilities?

Option 2 – Go to Rehab One At a Time

Sadly, if only one member in the relationship seeks treatment, the chances of relapse are significantly greater when he/she returns home. That’s because the sober partner returns home to countless triggers set off by his or her partner who is still abusing drugs or alcohol. 

Option 3 – Attend Rehab At One Facility At the Same Time

drug rehab for couples

Sadly, most couples are not willing to be apart during the detox and rehab process. Most couples also do not enter treatment due to the lack of medical facilities providing treatment for couples with addiction. As a result, the best option is to have both parties attend one rehab facility at the same time. 

By receiving rehab at one facility, a couple is able to maintain their normal level of intimacy and communication. Receiving rehab together will also allow a couple to interact with one another during their recovery journey. Interacting during this time will even increase the chances of the couple growing together, rather than apart, after they become sober.

Negative Consequences of a Couple That Is Suffering from Addiction Not Going to Rehab

Couples who abuse drugs or alcohol together are in a particularly difficult situation because the substance abuse can cause significant damage to the relationship. Even the most committed couples struggle with day-to-day issues. Thus, adding substance abuse to both parties only adds to problems. 

When both members of a household are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the negative consequences are amplified. Long-term drug or alcohol abuse results in personal, professional, and financial complications.

Personal Consequences of a Couple That Is Suffering from Addiction Not Going to Rehab 

One personal consequence that a couple suffering from addiction that chooses not to go to rehab will endure is not getting the chance to connect with their true selves. When you’re addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, you are the worst version of yourself. Your addicted self is likely lazy, selfish, uncouth, and rude.

If both parties within a couple are addicts and are thus exhibiting these negative traits, you will never experience each other at your best. Not only will you not experience each other at your best, but you also won’t experience one another as your truest selves. 

Another personal consequence that comes with being in a relationship in which you are both addicts is not making good impressions on your family and friends. When you are in a relationship, it’s usually a priority to make a good impression on your significant other’s family and friends. If you’re an addict, though, such good impressions rarely get made. As a result, you and your significant other often ostracize yourselves from your loved ones.

When both parties in a couple are suffering from addiction, you will enable one another’s negative habits. As a result, you will likely not have the strength and willpower to heal yourselves of your addictions on your own. This is another personal consequence that comes with being in a couple that needs rehab.

Professional Consequences of a Couple That Is Suffering from Addiction Not Going to Rehab

When both parties of an addicted couple choose to not go to rehab, they will likely both lose their jobs. One reason for this is that both parties in the couple will enable one another to maintain their irresponsible ways. 

Irresponsibility combined with reckless behavior often turns into losing one’s job. Losing your jobs could lead to homelessness, which in turn could lead to children being removed from the household. 

Financial Consequences of a Couple That Is Suffering from Addiction Not Going to Rehab

One financial consequence is not being responsible enough to pay your bills and be a functioning adult. As a result, mortgages may get foreclosed on and vehicles may get repossessed.

A Couple That Rehabs Together, Stays Together

drug rehab for couples

At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we recognize the urgency for couples rehab. That is why we are so proud to say that we offer it as one of our services.

Treating both members in a relationship for addiction is a complex process that requires specialized care by seasoned addiction specialists. The caring and compassionate team at Harmony Ridge Recovery Center has helped thousands of couples attain and maintain long-term sobriety. 

We understand that when couples receive substance abuse treatment together, their chances of achieving long-term sobriety increase substantially. When couples work towards the same goal, great things happen.

What Will Drug Rehab for Couples Be Like at Harmony Ridge?

At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, our experienced clinical team will focus on specific issues for each member of a couple. In addition, we will address the issues affecting a couple’s relationship. 

By utilizing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), many couples have successfully achieved sobriety with us. CBT includes private, couple, and group therapy sessions. CBT also utilizes counseling, coping tools, and relapse prevention in its treatment.

When is Drug Rehab for Couples Not Beneficial?

Although attending drug rehab for couples at one facility is helpful, there are some instances when this is a bad idea. 

Times When Drug Rehab for Couples is Not Beneficial

  • When one half of the couple has special needs that would require him or her to attend a different facility
  • One or both halves of the couple has antisocial personality disorder
  • There is domestic abuse between the couple
  • There is little to no commitment to continuing the relationship after rehab is over
  • Only one half of the couple is willing to attend rehab

Come Be Part of the Harmony Ridge Family

drug rehab

Our medical professionals take a particular interest in families and maintaining healthy and happy family dynamics. Many of us have achieved sobriety ourselves or have close friends or family members who fell victim to the disease. As a result, Harmony Ridge has a family-like atmosphere. In fact, we don’t consider ourselves just coworkers, we’re a family – the Harmony Ridge Family. 

By filling out our admission form, you and your partner are taking the first step toward a fulfilling life! For immediate help, please contact us today.