Are you struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction? Do you feel alienated from family and friends? Do you feel alone? At Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, we understand the devastating impact drug and alcohol addiction has on a person and those close to them. No one should ever have to battle addiction alone. When you choose Harmony Ridge Recovery Center, you will have industry-leading medical professionals by your side to help you during rehab, and break free from the shackles of addiction.

Our warm and comfortable treatment center provides a peaceful setting for you to focus completely on yourself and your recovery. From the moment you walk through our doors, you will be welcomed with warm and compassionate arms. Addiction has destroyed the lives of too many, and our team of compassionate addiction professionals takes the treatment of addiction personally. Each member of the Harmony family has been touched by the disease of addiction in some way. In fact, many are in recovery themselves, so they know exactly what you are going through.

Take comfort in knowing that our customized drug and alcohol detox and rehab programs are second to none. Upon admission, each patient receives a full evaluation. Based upon each patient’s needs, our medical and clinical team will create a customized treatment plan to fit your specific needs. Our medical team is on site 24-hours a day to ensure your safety and comfort. Whether you may need to get something very personal off your chest, need comfort when experiencing temporary withdrawal symptoms or advice on how to overcome triggers, you can count on a supportive team of medical professionals to be there for you anytime. If you need help immediately, please call us directly at 888-771-8372.

Filling out our admissions form will be the best decision you can make. After completing the form, you’ll be contacted by one of our admissions coordinators who are well-versed in the substance abuse treatment process. Many have overcome the disease of addiction themselves, and are in recovery, so they’re easy to relate with. It’s important to know that although you may feel alienated by friends and family at this time, you are not alone. We’re here to help you get through this difficult time and are honored to receive your consideration. We’re excited to see you take back control of your life and live a fulfilling life free from the disease of addiction!