Family History of Addiction

Many factors contribute to a person’s likelihood of developing an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol. Scientists have debated whether substance use disorders are born of nature or nurture, or a combination of both. Presently, there is widespread acceptance of the latter, with most research pointing to addiction as the result of genetics and the environment. …

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How To Get A Natural High

how to get a natural high

One of the major appeals of using illicit substances is the high that people get from them. It’s that high that those who suffer from addiction are constantly chasing. For someone in recovery, trying to recreate that high without turning to drugs can be difficult. It’s unfortunately what leads so many people to relapse. The …

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Is Baclofen Addictive?

is baclofen addictive

People often ask, is baclofen addictive? Search engine results can show confusing information at first glance because of some of the medication’s uses. In recent years, professionals have been using baclofen for addiction treatment. Studies show that baclofen can be just as effective as diazepam in treating the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Professionals also use …

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Four Stages of Addiction

Though it may sometimes appear as if someone with a substance abuse disorder develops a problem quickly, this isn’t usually the case. When it comes to addiction to alcohol and/or drugs, there are often stages that a person goes through as their dependency to the substance grows. Coming to terms with addiction and deciding to …

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When Is Medical Detox Necessary?

Everyone has different needs when it comes to treating alcohol use disorder, a condition that can be diagnosed when your pattern of alcohol use is problematic and causes significant distress. It can range from mild to severe, depending on how many symptoms you have. The care you’ll need depends in part on where you fall …

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Kratom Use in West Virginia

Even though kratom is legal in the U.S., it isn’t in several European countries, as well as Malaysia, Thailand, and Australia. This is likely because of the plant’s potential for addiction, as well as negative kratom side effects that affect both the mind and body. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has also banned any …

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