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Opioid Addiction Treatment

Opioid use disorder, or opioid addiction, is a medical condition that can affect any race, gender, income level, or social class. Some people begin taking prescription opioids to manage pain after a surgery or injury. And some people begin taking them to manage chronic pain. No matter what the circumstance is, prescription opioids can be …

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Can Alcoholism Cause Dementia?

Alcohol abuse is nothing to shake a finger at. In fact, it is one of the most abused substances in the United States. Not only do many people binge drink and abuse alcohol, but alcohol abuse is also responsible for 88,000 deaths per year. In addition to this already hard pill to swallow, alcohol can …

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Why Addicts Leave Treatment Early

Anyone who has ever dealt with a family member, spouse, close friend, or themself addicted to drugs or alcohol knows just how difficult of a battle it is. And one of the most predictive factors of someone building a successful recovery is their length of time in treatment. If you plan to leave treatment early, …

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How Do Mood Stabilizers Work?

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A doctor or psychiatrist diagnoses you with bipolar disorder. Now a new challenge lies ahead. You have to start taking mood stabilizers for your disorder. First things first, you’re probably wondering to yourself, how do mood stabilizers work? Deciding on the best medication for bipolar depression or mania feels like when you’re at the eyeglass …

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How to Prevent a Drug Relapse

Every person in recovery from drug addiction is at risk for a drug relapse, no matter how much time it’s been since they last used a substance. The National Institute on Drug Abuse defines addiction as a disorder indicated by compulsive drug use, often despite any consequences, that leads to long-lasting changes in the brain. …

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Love Your Sobriety

The idea of sobriety can be terrifying. One big reason people feel so afraid of sobriety is because of what they see in the media, pop culture and even from people, they know on social media. There’s the sense that if you’re not using drugs or alcohol, somehow life is boring or uninteresting. There’s the …

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